Part of the former site of Calgarth Estate

The site specific archaeology at the former site of Calgarth also feeds into the art work and the artists’ responses.

It is also quite remarkable to even consider that a remote archaeological location in Wordsworth’s Lake District can be linked to a place such as the archaeological location that was the headquarters of the Reich RSHA in Berlin.

But the organisation of the Holocaust was delivered from this RSHA location by people sitting behind typewriters issuing orders and memorandums that people at every level of society carried out.  The horrific series of circumstances of the Holocaust emanated from instructions sent out from this location.

Our children, the Windermere children, were to come to Calgarth in the Lake District. They were the survivors of horrendous genocidal policies, and there are so many locations across Europe that are themselves archaeological remainders, often hidden physical remains, and are otherwise innocuous sites were they not so inextricably connected to those dreadful events.

Calgarth Estate has been described by Caroline Sturdy Colls as a “non site that has become a site”. It is a deceptively innocous site at first glance, but it exists in total opposition to most of the Holocaust related sites that are found in too many countries across Europe…”