15 July 2019

An early start at 8.30 am! Caroline, Will, Mick, Alex and Daria begin measuring the first area for the survey, the field adjacent to the Sports Hall. They are joined by Katherine Bostock an archaeology postgraduate who had studied at Leicester University. Katy Bell and Eva Fawcett from The Lakes School come along to help and start by taking some photographs.


Later Katy and Eva explore the same area with metal detectors, but no gold found today!

Katy and Eva

The GPR equipment is assembled and survey line guides marked……

And so the survey begins with a lot of walking up and down lines! 12,000 steps or more today! It’s not really that hilly, but great angles taken by our school photographers! The GPR uses radio waves to detect changes in the grounds and any changes affect the waves in different ways.

Paul from BBC Radio Cumbria joins us and interviews Caroline, Kevin and Trevor for broadcasting tomorrow and Liz and Barrie Walker arrive to set up their exhibition. Liz Walker is the great great niece of Harold, Eustace and Oswald Short. The Sunderland Flying Boat was developed and constructed by the Short brothers and used by coastal command during the North Atlantic campaign to protect convoys. More information about the Shorts Brothers is available at http://shortbrothersaviationpioneers.co.uk

Kelsey Hibbert and Mia Garstang join us for the afternoon and more photographs and metal detection follow. Liz talks to them about the history of some of the Short Brothers’ planes

Liz Walker
Mia and Kelsey