July 26 2019

Anna Todd and Lynne Murray arrive from Maryport and Barrow with members of their Youth Councils: CJ Birchall, Isabelle Bridgman, Elspeth Dennison, Joss Perie and Clare Rodger. They will be working with Will on a new trench and after the intense heat of yesterday, have come prepared!

Trench 6 back filled late Thursday.

Thaleia and Alex begin to catalogue the artefacts. Each one from each context, and trench or test pit is counted and listed.

Caroline and some of the students have gone to start a new test pit 9 adjacent to the cricket pitch and find, to their dismay, that all the pegs from a previous measurement and scan the day before have been removed and placed in a neat pile by the school. So they have to start again and Caroline has to check computer readings from the GPR. They are particularly keen to dig in this area as it is probably at the site of another hostel.

At test pit 8 Will is demonstrating to the volunteers how to cut and remove the turf. This proves to be harder than they realised, but with much effort CJ shows the others how to do it – and avoid killing the worms!

Will and Mick observe, but also decide to speed up the process, and help by starting at the opposite end of the trench.

Meanwhile back in the sports’ field, Katherine and the geography students are starting to backfill trench 7. The larger stones are placed first, then smaller ones mixed with soil, topsoil next and followed finally with turf. To ensure the turf is placed correctly when the trench is filled in, it is always placed, next to the trench in order when removed.

In the other field both the archaeological students (and Joshua from the History department), and the members of the Youth Council have started scraping, removing the soil and sieving at their respective excavations.

While Mick is lending a hand at both test pits.

Mrs Elleray returns for another site visit and has a look at the new excavations. There is evidence of broken bricks and other foundation materials.

Billie Moffat and his wife Mavis arrive. Billie, with his father, was the agricultural contractor who ploughed and reseeded the land after the demolition of the houses and hostels. “One week there were all bungalows, the next week there was nothing”. Billie meets with Brian Salisbury, a former resident, who returns with more photograph. They reminisce about Calgarth and are photographed by Dave.

Mr and Mrs Pullin also come to visit the dig and talk with Billie and Mavis. Brian Pullin used to reside at 34 Calgarth Road. Trevor shows the plan of the Estate to Billie and they discuss the sites where the excavations have taken place in the last two weeks, and where the hostels were originally.

Will and the volunteers return to the sports hall field with the artefacts they have found. Whilst they feel that the 1917 penny is the most exciting item Elspeth found in the morning, they are pleased to learn that the evidence of other foundation artefacts are equally important. CJ holds up one of the large bricks.

James, the Lakes School’s site manager, meets Billie and the volunteers are hard at work brushing, cleaning and washing the artefacts.

It’s late afternoon and Caroline takes the students to visit the Lake District Holocaust Project Exhibition at Ellerthwaite House in Windermere.