July 27 2019

Saturday morning and the final day of the excavation. Test pit 9 was finished late yesterday and further excavating continues at trench 8 with Daria, Will and the geography students.

Will is having to work hard to loosen the soil and Daria demonstrates how she removes it with a shovel.

The cinnabar caterpillars have returned to eat the ragwort, but at archaeological HQ all the artefacts have been sorted and displayed into similar materials/artefacts found in different test pits, trenches and context……

…..Tom is filming Kevin for his documentary….

….further artefacts are being scanned with the 3D scanner, including the keyhole and metal buckle……

….and some of the final artefacts catalogued.

Packing starts. Trench 8 is backfilled and Will reports “it contained very similar material to that of the other trenches. There was a significant quantity of demolition material in the upper layers. This was very compacted and it is likely that the school field was rolled over to make it flat and suitable for the children. There was nothing else on the base as we reached natural geology. The amount of material suggested we were in the vicinity of the former hostel.”

John Woodcock, MP for Barrow and Furness, visits in the final stages of the day. He talks with Caroline, Trevor and Rose and looks at the ‘Finding Treblinka’ exhibition before it is taken down.

Although it starts to rain John goes to look at Trench 5 and listens to the processes involved in its excavation.

The exhibition is taken down, the artefacts carefully crated and the final trench backfilled.

It is the end of an incredible two weeks!