July 16 2019

Our first broadcast on Radio Cumbria starts the day at 8.30! The magnetometer guys arrive and start recording the direction, strength and relative changes of the magnetic fields that will detect buried features and objects in the grounds around the school. This takes them most of the day and they leave to go and interpret and evaluate the scans.

More scanning of the field adjacent to the sports hall continues in order to reassess and determine areas where test pits might be started. Paige Hanson and Eleanor Richards come from the school as volunteers for the morning. They begin to take photographs and record the start of the day.


The first test pit 1 is started and is almost adjacent to the Sports Hall.

In the meantime Fiona Marley Patterson and Brendan arrive from ITV Border Television and stay for the morning – filming and interviewing the archaeologists and the days’ activities. They individually interview Caroline, Trevor, Paige and Eleanor, Ken Pickering – History Department, Lakes School – and Liz Walker about the Flying Boat Factory and Shorts Brothers.

Dave Ward is also here today to record some photographs of the dig.

Work begins on sifting and sieving some of the earth from the test pit. Eleanor and Paige help with washing or brushing some of the artefacts – such as brick, glass or pottery thoroughly. These are left to dry before they are stored.

Eleanor and Paige are delighted with their archaeological experience

“So close to us and it’s local and to think that people walked on that land years ago….it’s crazy to think that they had a school and houses that are so close to our school. 

 Really lucky to be able to do this, really interesting recovering history that has been lost and forgotten…

Other people are not going to get the chance to discover what we have discovered.  Proud to think that we have helped and it’s a really thrilling experience.”

In the afternoon a second test pit 2 is dug and soil removed. Will’s arm is a guide to the initial depth!

Serenity Rullo and Alyssa Salt take over volunteer duties and immediately start recording images.


Ken Pickering and Catherine Hird begin to bring different classes in during the day to see both the exhibitions in the Sports Hall and the archaeological dig. Trevor briefly explains about the project to them. The U.K. branch of Yad Vashem also arrive to install an exhibition entitled ‘No Child’s Play’.

Jane and Andrew Elleray call in and show us a photograph of their father at the site of the then new primary school that he helped to build. They remembered the nursery part of the school was used as the art studio when the Lakes School was built. “I can always remember the polished floors – and the smell of the wooden herringbone floors after the summer holidays. It was all nice and shiny.”

It is decided to close the second test pit since this revealed little and to concentrate on a larger test pit at the first site in the morning.