July 18 2019

Westmorland Gazette, Thursday 18 July 2019

The day begins with a short talk and powerpoint presentation by Will to the whole school assembly. He starts by explaining the role of archaeology and then talks briefly about this particular project and shows some of the finds from the previous day.

Bill Smith, a governor at the school visits the site and watches as whole bricks alongside the boulder are exposed and cleaned. He discusses the possibility of and access to other areas within the school grounds for further test pits.

Bill Smith

Not only does the boulder serve as a bucket stand, it becomes a useful object to stand on! The process of careful digging, scraping, brushing and revealing the contents of the pit continues and large bricks adjacent to the boulder are exposed.

Katherine, who has volunteered nearly every day, is given the task of sorting, bagging and labelling the artefacts.

Katherine’s mother and grandfather -and dog – visit, as too Eleanor Kingston – the Lake District National Park Lead Strategy Advisor. Eleanor’s parents will be volunteers next week.

Eleanor with Will and Kevin

School volunteers for the morning, Trinity Rullo and Katie Burrows are set to work as before, sifting, sieving and cleaning pieces of interest.

Katie and Trinity

Andy Cunningham, Headteacher, calls in, examines the artefacts and confirms access to other areas of land next week.

Andy Cunningham with Will, Alex and Kevin

A welcome visit from Gary and his wife Mandy Zylberszac, whose father Aron was one of the ‘Windermere Boys’. Gary and Mandy spend some time looking at the exhibition, talking to Trevor, Rose, Kevin and Will and are fascinated to see the test pit and it’s contents.

Oliver Barnes and George Evans join the dig in the afternoon. Initially starting with sieving, they kneel to watch the exposure of a waste pipe in the pit and then continue with the washing and brushing of items of interest.

George & Oliver

The water in the bowls rapidly turns to muddy brown, but at least this time the plastic sheets ensure no dirty shirts!

Towards the end of the afternoon, Ken brings a final group of students to the dig and they peer into the pit and listen to Will who describes the day’s progress.

And finally the youngest member of the family Sturdy Colls, Henry, arrives to add his approval! Whether it is for the dig or the biscuit, no-one is quite sure!