July 19 2019

Weather is deteriorating – it is much windier and rain is forecast for the afternoon. Still much activity. The area around the waste pipe is exposed and it becomes apparent that it is attached to concrete on its base.

The pipe is evidence that a building was on this site and this field will continue to be excavated next week.

The depth of the pit certainly displays the difference between that of the rubble and the earth further down.

Before the pit is backfilled, a series of measurements are taken and precise drawings as to the position of various aspects of the pit are made on site…..

…….And Will talks to camera…..

Lauren Francis and Robert Porter, volunteers from the school, who came at 9am, are really helpful and do some of the heavy work filling the pit in.

As a reward, Trevor shows them how to use the metal detector!

Back at the pit, the rocks are replaced first and then the earth…..

After lunch the final three volunteers from the school, Liam Myers, George Sinclair and Benjamin Jones, continue to help fill in the pit.

…..and finally place the turf.

Dave returns today and also photographs many of the processes, particularly from above, hence the long pole.

During the afternoon Katherine and Alex dig another small pit 4, to the depth of 60 cm, but after examining the contents, it is refilled since it reveals little.

Towards the end of the week John Harrison pays a visit and is intrigued to see the plan of the estate, and he describes his father’s farm a short distance away. He remembers his father telling him that some of the rubble was used as foundation for part of a new road near Windermere School.