July 25 2019

An early start again. Sophie Smith and Alfred Glenn have already started some filming for ‘Digging for Britain’ before the archaeologists, students and volunteers begin. The programme will be part of a WW2 series.

The weather is fine and forecast predictions suggest a temperature of 30 degrees today!

Kieron has returned as a volunteer and he is again joined by Eli, Denise, Joshua and Freya. Will has decided to extend trench 7 towards the school to see if there will be any differences in the stratification layers. Denise is happy to wield the mattock!

Joshua and Denise

Trench 6 is being left for today and may be revisited tomorrow.

Alex starts to scan some of the artefacts with the 3d scanner again today and demonstrates to some of the students how to do this.

In between filming, Caroline and Kevin are supervising the excavation of trench 5 and this is being extended at right angles either side. They want to determine whether there there is an extension of the large stones, already excavated, which may indicate that they are part of a foundation wall. They take photographs and recordings of the stones already excavated.

Eli watching at trench 5

Before long some more artefacts have been found, including a nail, more bricks and parts of pipes. Daria starts to brush and wash these.

It appears that the western part of the trench does contain some very similar stones, so it is thought these and those excavated yesterday may indeed form part of a foundation wall.

Dave Ward returns to take photographs of some of the found artefacts, and to use the extended pole for the camera outside so that he can photographs of the trenches from above.

Mick, Caroline, Noreen & Dave

In trench 7 everyone continues to dig. To Eli’s surprise, he finds a small, and possibly very old, penknife whilst scraping and digging.

The temperature has increased and lunch is a welcome break, especially for the archaeology, geography and history students.

It is very unusual to see Kevin, Caroline and Will sitting down together!……

…. and it is decided to take a group photograph so everyone starts to assemble. This takes some time!

After lunch the volunteers are joined by Paul Sargent and Debbie and Sophie Sorrenson.

It appears to be a day for photography and interviews. Two Holocaust Survivors and Windermere Boys’, Sam Laskier and Ike Alterman, arrive for the afternoon.

Tim Farron MP arrives and after chatting with Kevin, promptly offers to take part in the dig at trench 7. He stays to talk to Denise, Ike and Sam.

Caroline with Ike Alterman and his partner, Diane Stoller
Ike and Sam Laskier with Fiona Mamane and Denise Kienwald

Ike and Sam are interviewed by Neil Smith for Radio Cumbria, and Mike Glover, a freelance journalist, is writing an article for the Sunday Times – Glen Minikin takes a series of photographs for this.

Sam & Ike with Neil Smith, Mike Glover & Glen Minikin
Neil with Ike

Glen also photographs Ike and Sam by trench 5, although it is touch and go as to whether they push one another in!

Towards the end of a fascinating day, work finishes on trench 5 with measurements and drawings; Thalia explains her drawing to Sam; Ike is filmed by Sophie for the ‘Digging for Britain’ programme; Tom discusses with Trevor the final shots for his documentary and a tired but happy Denise returns her tools to the sports hall!