Sunday 14 July 2019

The archaeologists – Caroline Sturdy-Colls, Kevin Colls, Will Mitchell, Alex Haycock, Daria Cherkaska and Mick Briton, arrived to put up an exhibition ‘Finding Treblinka’ in the Sports Hall at the Lakes School. Alex – an undergraduate – was on work placement with the Centre of Archaeology – and Daria a postgraduate student from the Ukraine. Mick – an Engineer – volunteered to help.

Forensic Archaeology students Lauren Bird and Lauren James; Forensic Science students Frankie Carter and Emily Ellerton and Forensic Biology student Thaleia Marioli all joined in the second week.

Tim Harris, Lecturer in Geography also joined the team in the second week together with Physical Geography students John Ball and Nicholas Fenn and Sam Ellis.

Joshua Wallace also volunteered. He was a student in the History department.

They were joined later in the week by Tom Read and Natalie Argent from the Film and Media department.


The LDHP ‘team’

Trevor Avery, Director of The Lake District Holocaust Project
Rose Smith, project Co-Ordinator of The Lake District Holocaust Project
Tom Avery, cameraman and assistant.

Tom Gardner, a filmmaker and former student of Lakes School.
Dayve Ward, professional photographer.
Noreen Taylor, helper..