“This project was a complete eye-opener for me. The sheer volume of volunteers we had helping out on the project really provided a community feel, and showed the interest of the project went farther than the university. It also showed that people from different backgrounds could work together seamlessly with a common aim. Students from different courses, volunteers without an academic outlook, and those documenting the whole thing could work together and enjoy each others company whilst discovering crucial artefacts.

The importance of this type of project is not only to develop personal skills, but also to help others to understand more about the site. It is helpful for the heritage of the UK to have a positive tie to the war as it can help the public to understand the influence that we had on the children that stayed at the Calgarth estate. Overall, this experience is something that I will always tell others about as I believe it has changed my outlook completely. The memories and friends I have made from this will be cherished forever.”

Frankie Carter – August 2019