Four or five school children came every day from The Lakes School to help in the first week of the dig.

Unfortunately there wasn’t sufficient time to get many of their thoughts about the dig but below are just a few.

“So close to us and it’s local and to think that people walked on that land years ago….it’s crazy to think that they had a school and houses that are so close to our school.”

 “Really lucky to be able to do this, really interesting recovering history that has been lost and forgotten…”

“Other people are not going to get the chance to discover what we have discovered.  Proud to think that we have helped and it’s a really thrilling experience.”

“I’m following in my mother’s footsteps….she was an archaeologist and now I’m going to be one”….

On seeing a visitors’ dog “Is that the sniffer dog?”

“Can we stay all week?!

August 2019