“What an impressive start to our day at Calgarth! The exhibition immediately set the scene and tone of the day. The boards illustrated the sheer horrors of Treblinka and the work done there to expose the various areas of mass terror by Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls and her team. This was a real contrast to the facilities at Calgarth which we had come to investigate.

We were involved with the opening of a new trench to seek signs of the far end of the hut foundations exposed by the first two trenches.

We were soon deturfing and then peeling back layers of broken foundations, roofing and tiling, under the supportive guidance of Will.

A real bonus was the presence amongst us of two volunteers: one whose mother had been a survivor and spent time at the Calgarth Village and a second who was doing research into the survivors of the Death Camps who had been sent to Calgarth to recuperate. What a fascinating addition to our work.

We may not have discovered any great finds, other than nails, bits of pottery, ceramic piping and hut debris BUT it was interesting and rewarding.

We were very well looked after with breaks and drinks and came away tired, dirty and happy to have been involved just briefly in a very well worthwhile project.

Thank you to you and all the team from Staffs. Uni.”

Roger & Liz Kingston – August 2019